Media Director

Stephen was born in Tupelo, MS. He joined the NAPC family as a member in 2007. His academic background is an unusual one, having begun a degree in Business Administration at Mississippi State and then transferring to complete his studies at their chief rival school, the University of Mississippi. Even so, his allegiance lies with the Bulldogs! In 2012, he became NAPC’s Director of Youth and Families and has been instructing and nurturing those in his care unto a true knowledge of and love for the Lord ever since. He and his wife Renee have three children, Sam, Wes, and Sarah Grace, with whom there is never a dull moment. Stephen serves our church and is devoted in all of these callings and still manages to take classes at Reformed Theological Seminary as he pursues his M.Div. In his free time, he most enjoys fishing with his Dad and his son, Wes.

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