MegaLife is an after school program on Thursdays for children ages K-5th grade.  At MegaLife, our goal is to teach children the joy of learning about Jesus, while also enjoying our time together as friends, connected by Christ. We pick the children up at New Albany Elementary School in the church bus and come back to the church gym for snacks, a short devotional, and time to play together.  We also occasionally plan an excursion outside of the church as the opportunities arise! If your child does not attend New Albany Elementary, we would still love to have them.  Please contact Ben Storment or Stephen Ewing and they will be glad to help work out a plan to get your child to the church.

Parents may pick up their children at 4:30.


  Children’s Catechism

In this class, children learn the foundations of the Christian faith and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  By learning the answers to questions such as, “Who made you?” and “How can you glorify God” children are equipped to serve and follow Jesus.  It is our belief that teaching these truths to our children at such a young age will prepare them to serve and grow for the rest of their lives.  Our Children’s Catechism class meets every Wednesday at 6:30 following our church wide supper and is lead by Mrs. Susan Henson. For a closer look at our teaching tools, please click the link below:

Children’s Catechism 


Children’s Choir and Bible Lesson

Children’s Choir meets in the CAC each Wednesday evening at 5:15.  Our goal in choir is to teach our children the joy of worshiping and praising our Triune God.

Through song memorization children learn scripture, Bible books, and fundamental truths that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.  After our time of singing, we have a Bible lesson to help reinforce the truths we learn in our songs. For more information, please contact Ben or Avis Storment. We hope you and yours will join us for the fun!